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The desire to change

and participate

to the world of tomorrow


Agricells was born!


Agricells was born!



The desire to change

and participate

to the world of tomorrow


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One day...

An idea

pops up as little seeds




Agricells was born!

Maxence & Vincent


Maxence Semacoy Albertini

Founder & CEO

After 8 years in the engineering consulting and various leadership roles ranging from Business Development to the management of large pharmaceutical and biotechnology accounts such as UCB Pharma and GSK Vaccines, Maxence is the founder of this “green” biotechnology project. With a civil engineer background and an MBA in Finance, he was seized by the desire to return to his roots and to the agricultural world by creating Agricells.


Francois De Mets

Chief Scientist Officer

François is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the University of
Georgetown in the USA (where he studies the nutritional regulation of
Pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus). Specialized in bacteria, scientist in genetics, with a PhD in biochemistry and advanced molecular biology, François is a passionate with more than 8 years of experience in research in bacterial genetics (Gram and
Gram +) with a specialization in cell metabolism and environmental adaptation.


Vincent Vandamme

Co-founder & COO

With 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and especially in the sector of small and large biological molecules, Vincent has taken various roles in industrial and quality operations, on an international scale.

Therefore, he brings all his expertise to the launch and management of production operations within Agricells, alongside his associate Maxence.

Vincent demonstrates through this project an attachment to the Earth.


Olivier Etchepare

Chief Strategy Officer

With an agronomist background, Olivier cumulates more than 20 years of experience in the agro-chemical and organic crop protection industry.

He has experienced various leadership roles in development, marketing and sales with deep expertise in organic products. He was exposed to international markets for specialized industries like Arysta Lifescience (bio insecticides ...).

Nature lover, Olivier joined the values ​​united by Agricells

Our history

I wanted to create a link with the Earth around a concept supporting agricultural projects and to look at the chemical inputs deployed massively under our feet. I realized that there was something to be developed by integrating biotechnology applications to protect our planet. This is how the project was born!
Maxence Semacoy Albertini, founding member of the project with Vincent
We are working on the 'natural' added value of certain bacteria in biofertilization, biostimulation and biocontrol in order to analyze their modes of action and propose sustainable solutions.
Vincent Vandamme, founding member of the project with Maxence

Our values


Constantly looking for the best solutions


On the ground alongside stakeholders in the agricultural world


A combination of cutting-edge experiences and expertise

human exchange

People first and foremost in each of our projects

Our partners

We would like to deeply thank our partners who trust us since the genesis of this project...
Maxence Semacoy Albertini & Vincent Vandamme



Propioa Consulting


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